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Reasons Why Social Security Disability Claims
Are Denied in Louisiana

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    This is always tough to hear: You followed the steps, did what you thought was right, and in the end, you’re blocked.

    Your application for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits was denied.

    Don’t give up. There is hope. The benefits system is complicated—on purpose. It’s designed to trip up people who don’t qualify for benefits. In fact, Social Security numbers show that only one out of every five applicants pass on the first try. Three out of five never see any SSD benefits at all.

    With a little patience and the right team of disability lawyers at your side, you can get another chance at disability benefits and renewed independence.

    Empower Disability is here to help families across Louisiana steer through the complex world of Social Security Disability programs.

    Keep reading for common reasons why applications are denied—so you can avoid mistakes.

    And to get support as you seek financial relief, talk to our experienced Louisiana Social Security Disability attorneys.

    What You Need to Appeal a Social Security Disability Denial

    Financial and Work Reasons Why You Might Be Denied Social Security Disability in Louisiana

    While having medical conditions that make work impossible is the core of winning Social Security Disability benefits, you can be denied disability benefits for income and employment reasons, too, such as:

    You Earn Too Much.

    Social Security Disability benefits programs are built to help people who cannot work full-time. If you do work and earn too much—in most cases, that amount is $1,470 a month for non-blind people as of 2023—benefits could be out of your reach.

    You Haven’t Worked Enough for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

    SSDI benefits are designed for people who have worked and paid a certain amount into the system. If you haven’t worked enough, or recently enough, you could be denied.

    Another disability benefits program, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), does not have a work record requirement, but you have to meet certain tests about your income and resources.

    You Have Too Many Financial Assets for SSI.

    Besides limited income, SSI requires you to have little in savings, investments, property or other economic assets. Some forms of assets and property, though, don’t count against you. (SSDI doesn’t look at your assets at all.)

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a stickler for accuracy and timeliness. A missed box on a form could end your application. So could missing a deadline, filing the wrong supporting documents, or failing to provide requested additional information.

    To figure out if your status may qualify for disability benefits, you can talk to the Louisiana Social Security Disability lawyers at Empower Disability for a free review of your case.

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    What You Need to Appeal a Social Security Disability Denial

    Health Reasons Why You Might Be Denied Social Security Disability

    The core of every Social Security Disability claim are your health problems, which must be severe. These issues can trip up your application:

    You Don’t Have the Proper Medical Evidence.

    You must show you have a condition that prevents you from working. Without proper evidence—hard proof, such as a documented diagnosis and supporting records from your medical treatment—your application will be denied.

    You Lapsed in Your Treatment.

    You can’t get the medical evidence you need if you don’t get regular care. If you lack a treatment record or don’t follow your doctor’s advice, Social Security can use that against you and deny your claim. Not only does sticking with a treatment program help you manage your impairments, it’s also how you prove you are eligible for benefits.

    Applying for benefits can be grueling. But you must follow all the requests the SSA sends your way, answer their questions, and cooperate with them promptly and politely.

    Rather than worry about getting all of this right, why not get someone experienced to handle it for you? The disability lawyers at Empower Disability have helped thousands of people in Louisiana.

    Our office is in Metairie. If you’re in Kenner, New Orleans, Chalmette, Gretna, Marrero, Houma, the Northshore, Hammond, or any Louisiana community, get in touch with us.

    And if you’ve been denied benefits, don’t wait! You have 60 days to appeal the SSA’s denial of your application. If you don’t appeal your application, you may be losing some rights and back pay due to you.

    We want to see you get through this ordeal, so you can focus on living your life to the fullest.

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    Empower Disability Helps from Beginning to End

    Are you just starting to look into disability benefits? Do you need to file an application? Have you already filed and been denied? No matter where you are, Empower Disability can help.

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    Get Answers to Your Disability Benefits Questions

    The Social Security Disability system can seem cold, complicated and uncaring. You’ll have a lot of questions but not always fast answers. At Empower Disability, taking care of you is our mission. We’ve prepared answers to some of the most frequent disability benefits questions.

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