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Empower Disability

Disability Lawyer Review: “Eternally Glad”

“I am eternally glad for Monica’s help getting the wheels moving and helping finish my Social Security Disability claim. She handled every part of the claim. . . . I don’t think I ever could have gotten it taken care of on my own. I’m sincerely thankful for her assistance.

Charles Zarate in Google Reviews

Attorney Review: “Most Caring Attorney Ever”

“Honestly they were the best and made me feel like I was family. . . . (My attorney) had to be the most caring attorney ever. . . . I’m forever thankful.”

Cheyenne Phelps in Google Reviews

Disability Law Firm Client Review: “Life Saver”

“I spent way too much time trying to get through the Social Security system myself . . . The Social Security system is designed to impede people at every turn. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. Thankfully I found these guys, and they had my Social Security Disability up and running in a pretty short time. They were a life saver.”

Kathryn Brunet in Google Reviews

Feedback from a Disability Attorney Client: “Very Professional”

“Ms. Suzette Murphy and staff are very professional. They always answered any questions or concerns that I had. Ms. Murphy took the time to and effort to fully understand my case and represented me with that same diligence.”

Gwendolyn Simms in Google Reviews

Law Firm Client Review: “Financial Support for a While to Come”

“They turned that settlement into a disability/workers’ comp case that resulted in me receiving financial support for a while to come.”

Geraldine Morton in Google Reviews

Lawyer Review:
“Peace of Mind”

“(Attorney) Ms. Ferraro went above and beyond to help me succeed in my case. She was professional, diligent, and truly helped bring peace of mind to myself and my family.

Colby Duhon in Google Reviews

Feedback from a Disability Lawyer Client: “Awarded Benefits”

“My Social Security Disability claim was turned down, so I looked up lawyers in the area who could help me appeal the decision . . . They have a Social Security team that was able to get me through the Social Security process with a successful appeal. Ultimately, I was awarded benefits.

Laith Sadler in Google Reviews

Disability Lawyer Client Testimonial: “Feeling More Self-Reliant”

“They helped (my mother) get (her) SSD in order, and she’s been feeling a lot more self-reliant lately, which is about as good as it can get.

Cody Harbour in Google Reviews

Feedback from a Law Firm Client: “Hire Them Again in an Instant”

“Treated me like a human being and not just another paycheck. I’ll hire them again in an instant if I ever have any disability or workers’ compensation problems.”

Theresa Morris in Google Reviews

Testimonial from a Past Disability Law Client: “Feel at Ease”

Always available when I needed them. I highly recommend this (law firm) to anyone who is in need of help from an attorney’s office. Thank you so much for making me feel at ease during my time of need.”

Michelle Jackson in Google Reviews
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