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    Do You Wish You Had More Power to Reclaim Your Life?

    It is harsh when you get hit with serious health problems and can’t work.

    You’re miserable. And you’re running out of money on top of it.

    You feel hopeless—powerless—like there’s no mercy in this world.

    All you want is to get some stability back, some self-sufficiency. To stop depending on family members. To stand with pride again, with dignity.
    Can anybody out there help?

    Yes—the New Orleans disability lawyers at Empower Disability.

    We help you win Social Security Disability benefits.

    It’s a tough process, but Social Security Disability benefits—including monthly checks and access to health care through Medicare or Medicaid—give you the power to begin rebuilding your life.

    Call Empower Disability if you live in Kenner, Metairie, New Orleans, Chalmette, Gretna, Marrero, Houma, the Northshore, Hammond, Amite, and anywhere in the New Orleans area or across Louisiana.

    Don’t wait to start moving forward again.

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    What Social Security Disability Benefits Can Do For You—From Metairie to Amite, Houma to Chalmette

    This is what applying for Social Security Disability benefits can provide for you:

    • Monthly income assistance
    • Benefits you earned by working and paying taxes—Social Security Disability Income (SSDI)
    • Benefits you need if you haven’t been able to work in a long time—Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Medicare health care, even if you’re not the usual age to qualify (SSDI)
    • Medicaid health care, immediately when you qualify for disability (SSI)
    • Benefits that can last for the long term
    • A restored sense of independence—and dignity

    But there is a problem: Most people who apply for disability benefits—in fact, more than two-thirds of people according to government reports—get denied for Social Security Disability.

    Applying requires filling out long forms and submitting pages and pages of documents and evidence. Appealing a denial is more involved; you may even need to speak to a Social Security judge who decides disability cases.

    But you can hand the work over to an experienced Social Security Disability attorney, save yourself the headaches and rest easier knowing someone highly capable is handling your claim.

    You pay no attorney fee until you win benefits.

    Start with Empower Disability by asking for a FREE initial evaluation of your case.

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    Why You Should Get an Empower Disability Lawyer in Louisiana

    You have a lot at stake here.

    You’re struggling with your health. You’re facing a financial crisis. You’re scared.

    It’s understandable.

    You deserve nothing less than help from someone who truly understands: licensed, experienced disability attorneys who have dedicated their professional lives to giving regular people another chance.

    This is Empower Disability:

    • 40+ Years of Combined Disability Law Experience
    • 1,000s of People Helped
    • A Local, Neighborly Law Firm with Offices in Metairie
    • Personal Service—Not a Conveyor Belt of Cases Like at a National Firm
    • A Focus on Disability Claims
    • Someone Who Talks to Social Security For You
    • Help from the Very Beginning of Your Disability Application

    Some national disability law firms may try to draw you in by making their websites look like it’s the government. At some firms, you may rarely work directly with your actual lawyer.

    At Empower Disability, the lawyers you get are the lawyers you see right here on this website.

    What drives us in our work is to see people—people like you whose lives have been disrupted by bad health and money worries—get the chance to put their lives back together.

    If you’re struggling with the aftermath of a work injury, we can help you with that, too.

    Let us empower you.

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    Your Social Security Disability Guide

    Did you just stop working because of your health? Do you need help starting the disability benefits process? Or do you need help appealing a denial of benefits? Empower Disability is here to back you up.

    Meet Our Louisiana Disability Lawyers

    The Social Security Disability lawyers at Empower Disability chose this line of work because they’re driven to lift people up when times are hard. We’re focused on disability law. We’re focused on everyday people—we’re focused on you.

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    What Are Empower Disability Clients Saying?

    “I am eternally glad for (my attorney’s) help getting the wheels moving and helping finish my Social Security Disability claim. (They) handled pretty much every part of the claim . . . I don’t think I ever could have gotten it taken care of on my own.”

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