My Doctor Says I’m Disabled. Why Am I Being Denied Disability Benefits?

My Doctor Says I’m Disabled.
Why Am I Being Denied Disability Benefits?

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    Making Sense of Disability Benefit Rules for People in New Orleans and Louisiana

    You developed a significant medical condition. It will be long-lasting, or permanent. It changes your life.

    Your doctor says you have a disability that you now must manage.

    You need financial help—and a stronger sense of stability while you deal with your health—so you applied for Social Security Disability benefits.

    But then they denied you.

    How can they reject your disability benefits if your doctor says you have a disability?
    It’s because the doctor’s idea of what it means to have a disability is different from the standards Social Security uses to decide on benefits.

    For the purposes of awarding disability benefits, Social Security focuses on people who are unable to work because of health problems—not everyone who is dealing with ongoing health problems.

    You can feel powerless trying to navigate this system. The disability law firm of Empower Disability is here to give you strength in the process.

    With an office in Metairie, we help people in Kenner, New Orleans, Chalmette, Gretna, Marrero, Houma, the Northshore, Hammond, and across Louisiana.

    Keep reading to understand more about why doctors and Social Security might disagree

    How a New Orleans Disability Lawyer Helps with Your Medical Information and Social Security

    When Does Your Health Impairment Qualify for Disability Benefits?

    Your doctor and other health care providers you see will play an important role in your claim for Social Security Disability—even if Social Security doesn’t automatically agree with them that you have a disability.

    Records from your medical appointments and treatments will always be a central part of your disability application.

    But Social Security will make the decision whether you have a disability that qualifies for benefits, not your doctor.

    These are the essential health-related requirements for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits.

    • You have serious health problems.
    • You can’t work—and the reason is your health problems.
    • You are ruled out for any past jobs, or any jobs at all, even ones you haven’t done before and less strenuous ones.
    • Your medical problems and inability to work must have lasted or will last at least a year.

    Social Security maintains a listing of impairments outlining specific points you have to prove for multiple different conditions to meet these standards.

    Even if your diagnosis isn’t on the list, you can win benefits by showing that your compromised health limits your functioning so much that you can’t perform what Social Security calls “substantial gainful activity.”

    Your doctor doesn’t determine this, but information generated by your doctor during your medical care can prove your case.

    The disability lawyers at Empower Disability help argue how your medical conditions prevent you from doing your past jobs and less strenuous jobs.

    With Social Security Disability benefits, you get monthly checks and access to Medicare or Medicaid.

    It can make a difference in your life. So don’t take any chances with your benefits claim. Work with experienced Louisiana disability attorneys. Empower Disability has helped thousands of people.

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    How a New Orleans Disability Lawyer Helps with Your Medical Information and Social Security

    How a New Orleans Disability Lawyer Helps with Your Medical Information and Social Security

    Your doctor understands health issues. Your disability lawyer understands the Social Security Disability system and its thousands of rules.

    When you work with a disability attorney who knows the unique legal process that controls disability benefits, they can gather medical evidence from your doctor and present it to Social Security in a way that works best for you.

    Lawyers aren’t doctors, but they know from working with the system all the time how hundreds of different health conditions apply under Social Security law.

    Your lawyer can:

    • Help you understand and complete the forms you need to file for benefits
    • Organize your medical evidence
    • Gather and present your education and work history details
    • Ask your doctor to complete statements that support that you cannot work
    • Collect statements from people who know how your health problems have affected you
    • Help you appeal a denial of benefits by finding the flaws in your original claim and Social Security’s reasons for denying you
    • Represent you in front of a disability judge if needed

    Most of all, your Social Security Disability lawyer can make the process easier for you, relieving you of the heavy work of getting benefits—work that goes beyond getting your doctor to say you have a disability—so you can focus on taking care of yourself and living your life.

    If your doctor says you’re disabled, but Social Security is denying your benefits, get in touch with us.

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    Empower Disability Helps from Beginning to End

    Are you just starting to look into disability benefits? Do you need to file an application? Have you already filed and been denied? No matter where you are, Empower Disability can help.

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    Get Answers to Your Disability Benefits Questions

    The Social Security Disability system can seem cold, complicated and uncaring. You’ll have a lot of questions but not always fast answers. At Empower Disability, taking care of you is our mission. We’ve prepared answers to some of the most frequent disability benefits questions.

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